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Mon - Fri : 09.00 AM - 03.00 PM

Communication And Language

What does Communication & Language look like at Holy Trinity Pre School?

Exploring and Using Language

We provide a language rich environment which encourages children to communicate through a range of stimulating play opportunities.  Children are given time to express themselves and find their own voice through play, stories, rhymes and music. 

Library Area

Our library area is a quiet haven where children can go and sit quietly on their own, with their friends or with an adult. We send books home for children to share with an adult to support their love of books and to prepare them for transition to Primary school.

Small Group Teaching

We carry out daily teaching sessions, this is done both in free play and in small groups where children are encouraged to join in at their own level.

Speaking and Listening

We plan  for children to participate in meaningful speaking and listening activities where they can ask questions, negotiate, try out new words or descriptions. We support all of our learners to communicate effectively.

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We Currently Have Spaces

We are able to offer a great degree of choice in the sessions that you would like your child to attend.  Please contact us to find out which sessions are currently available or to go on our waiting list.