Overview of Summer Term 1


This is an overview of some of the fun things we will be getting up to this half term. Some things may change according to the children’s interests where we will followtheir lead and plan activities accordingly. It is a really short half term and there is lots to pack in!! This half term we will be looking at change from Spring to Summer, life cycles and growing.


Week 1 – w/c 25th April – letter s

We begin our new half term with the letter ‘s’. We will be making spiders on springy elastic, snails with shiny spiral shells and some slippery snakes with colourful repetitive patterns. This week we will begin planting sunflower seeds to take home in a pot. We will need to give them water and sunlight so they grow big and strong ready for our Sunflower Growing Competition at the end of the Summer Term.

Week 2 – w/c 2nd May – letter e

Elmer the Elephant will put in an appearance this week as we look at the letter ‘e’. We will have Elmer pictures to collage and colour and even some lovely flappy elephant ears to make on a headband so we can re-enact our favourite Elmer story. There will be eggs to explore outside with some boiled eggs and some raw so we can look at the different parts of an egg and compare the difference between the cooked and raw egg. We will be talking about our families and our Green Bod children will be making their own individual family trees.

Week 3 – w/c 9th May – letter w

There will be lots of water play this week where we can fill and empty different containers to see whether they hold the same amount, use our water pumps to pump water into bowls and even some sponges to use in our Car Wash! Our guttering is great for water play where the children need to work together to link the pieces together so that the water travels all the way down into and into the water tray. We will have different sizes of wellington boots which we can use to paint footprints with, create a size line or even do a spot of welly throwing to see who can throw the furthest!

Week 4 – w/c 16th May – letter y

A wonderful week of yellow painting, yukky stuff in the tuff spot and even some yachts made from shapes. We will talk about You and Me and how we are all unique.

Week 5 – w/c 23rd May – no letter – Queens Jubilee Celebrations

There will be no letter of the week as we concentrate on our Royal Garden Party on Friday. We will be making bunting, crowns and flags to decorate our marquee. There will be a Royal role play with our very own Royal Throne and dressing up too! We celebrate the Jubilee on Friday with our Garden party complete with games, afternoon tea and even a bouncy castle!!

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