Overview of Autumn Term 1 2020


This page provides an overview of some of the fun things we will be doing over the course of this half term.   Our theme for this half term is colour as we explore primary colours and see what happens when colours mix.  We will also be working on settling in.

It has been a very strange year for the children due to Covid 19!!  We will continue using our large outside space and the marquee as well as our large room in order to maintain social distancing.  The children love being outside and our activities are organised to encompass all areas of the EYFS through play.  Some activities may change or be adapted to comply with Government guidelines.  

2 DAYS begins Thursday 3rd SeptemberHello and settling in
We will keep things simple for the first two week of our new academic year. Our role play home corner will be available for cooking up some delicious meals and socialising with our friends. We will be exploring playdo, dry pasta and doing some glue and stick on our craft table. The children will be learning the names of their friends by playing some fun games both indoors and out in the garden where we will have the bikes available too!

Week 1 – w/c 7th September
We will continue with our settling in routines and if the sun shines we will add some water play in the garden this week
Our Green bod children will be introduced to the other children in their small Green Bod groups and the fun activities they will be doing.

Week 2 – w/c 14th September – Colour RED.
We begin looking at colour this week beginning with Red. We will be making patterns with bricks dipped in red paint, paper plate poppies and even racing red rockets up into the sky. There will be red treasure hunts and red collage too.
Small Green Bod activity – The children will meet Red Bod and talk about our rules of being ‘Kind’, ‘Safe’, and ‘Careful’. If Red bod sees someone playing nicely or being kind to their friends he may even choose to go home for a short visit with them!

Week 3 – w/c 21st September – Colour BLUE.
It’s the colour blue this week so we will have water play where we can fill and empty containers to see what holds the most or least amount of water. We will explore blue paint with our hands and make fingerprints on paper. Our library will begin for our Green Bod children this week.
Small Green Bod activity – Our Green Bods will be practicing their pencil control by drawing self portraits. Before they can draw themselves they will need to look in a mirror to see what they look like. What colour are their eyes, lips and skin? What colour is their hair? How many eyes, ears, noses do they need to draw!

Week 4 – w/c 28th September – Colour GREEN
We will be exploring the colour green this week using frozen peas, making some green tree pictures and some wiggly caterpillars. We will have the climbing frame in the garden where we can practice climbing safely and fitting our bodies in and out of the frame.
Small Green Bod activity – We will be playing a parachute game where we all have to work together

Week 5 – w/c 5th October – Colour Yellow
We will be cooking this week, making some delicious banana muffins where we will need to weigh, chop and mash all of the lovely ingredients together before cooking them. We will play with yellow custard and make some minions and yellow chicks too!
Small Green Bod activity – Our Green Bods will be playing a game of skittles where they will have to count how many skittles they have knocked down and how many are still standing

Week 6 – w/c 12th October – Colour Mixing.
This week we will be mixing all of our primary colours together to see what happens! We can use our hands and maybe even our feet to make colourful patterns and we will make some friendly colour monsters.
Small Green Bod activity – Our Green Bods will be using their cutting skills to carefully cut along 2 lines on a folded sheet of paper to make a kite shape. If we have time we can draw some patterns on our shapes too!

Week 7 – w/c 19th October – Black and White
For our last week of term we will be exploring black and white by making black and white cats and some woolly sheep too. We will roll golf balls in white paint onto black paper and black paint onto white paper so we can contrast the colours.
Small Green Bod activity – Our Green Bods will be playing a colour Kims Game where they will have to guess which item goes missing from the tray.


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