Overview of Spring Term 2 2020


This page provides an overview of some of the fun things we will be doing over the course of this half term.  We continue with our letter of the week and as we work with the Department for children, schools and families ‘Principles and Practice of High Quality Phonics’ Letters and Sounds document we begin this half term with the letter ‘o’  Our theme for this half term is Winter to Spring and new life focusing on baby to adult.

Week 1 – w/c 24th February – letter o – Shrove Tuesday & St. Davids Day –  We will be making some scrummy pancakes to eat at our snack table on Tuesday to see if we like the taste using different toppings.  We will make some ostriches and octopus too.  There will be bikes in our garden alongside our mud kitchens and sand tray.  On Friday we will talk about why St. Davids Day is important to people who are Welsh and where Wales is on our map.   Our Green Bods will be number sequencing by sticking numbered legs onto an octopus.

Week 2 w/c 2nd March – letter c & k – This week we will wash our hands and put on our aprons as we  get baking for our Charity Cake Bake.  This year we will be baking to raise as much money as we can for Guide Dogs for the Blind to thank the lovely dog and her handler who came in to visit us at Pre-school last term. 

Week 3 w/c 9th March – letter e – St. Patricks Day – Its Elmer the Elephant and emotions this week as we look at the letter ‘e’.  We will be making elephant ears and filling egg boxes and envelopes with egg-citing things!  We will also be celebrating St. Patricks Day on 17th March by decorating shamrocks.  Our Green Bods will be exploring eggs by looking at what is inside a raw egg and what it looks like when it has been cooked. 

Week 4 w/c 16th March – letter r – We will be busy making Mothers Day cards all this week.  We will need to use our fine motor skills to carefully decorate our cards and write our names ready to take home to mummy or someone else who is special to us.  We will be making rainbows, playing with rice and enjoy racing around our Pre-school garden!  Our Green Bods will be drawing pictures of Me and My Mummy to make a new display in our entrance area.

Week 5 – w/c 23rd March – letter h – Mums and female carers week – Our role play becomes a hairdressers this week as we get ready to pamper our mums in our Holy Trinity Salon.  Although family members are welcome to come to play at any time we like to spoil our Mums, grannies, aunties, sisters or other carers by inviting them in to join the fun.  To help us focus on the letter ‘h’ we will be making helicopters, hands and houses too!  Our Green Bod children will be cutting out a square and then using this shape to make a picture of a house.

Week 6 – w/c 30th March EASTER (no letter) Its all things Easter this week where we will be having Easter treasure hunts and making lots of Easter crafts.  It will be our annual Easter Bonnet Parade on Friday where families can come along to join in the fun and take part in an Easter egg hunt with their child.

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