Overview of Summer Term 1 2021



Covid still continues to impact on the way we stay safe at Pre-school so we will continue to be outside as much as we possibly can. Lots of our activities change around depending on the weather so this overview is probably subject to change. The children are loving being outside playing with the crates, tyres and planks and other outdoor equipment.   As summer approaches we hope that the weather is kind to us and we can put even more activities outside.  Unfortunately we are unable to set up role play areas with dressing up and the usual role play resources but our mud kitchens continue to be popular outside for making cakes and mud pies!!

Week 1 – w/c 19th April no letter
St. Georges day Friday 23rd April
We decided not to do a letter of the week for our first week back so we could settle back into Pre-school following our Easter break. We are hoping the weather will be kind to us so we can have lots of messy play outdoors. To celebrate St. Georges Day we will collage a giant England Flags as well as some smaller ones to decorate our marquee. The children will begin planting sunflower seeds this week for our tallest sunflower competition. They will need lots of sunshine and water and the tallest one will win a prize!

Week 2 – w/c 26th April – letter b
Bees, bugs and boxes will be our focus this week as we look at the letter ‘b’. We will have bugs in ice as well as making some lovely stripy bees on our craft table. There will be butterflies on sticks that we can decorate with colourful patterns and watch them flap their wings as we wave the sticks. We will put lots of boxes and junk in our marquee and who knows what we will make. It could be a castle, a robot or even a spaceship!

Week 3 w/c 3rd May – 4 days – letter f
Closed Monday – May Day Bank Holiday
We will think about who is in our families this week and our Green Bods will make their own individual family trees. This will link with our look at life cycles where we will consider how babies grow into adults and compare this with how frogspawn becomes a frog! We will make flowers to decorate our marquee and make it look cheerful.

Week 4 w/c 10th May- Letter l
How could we think about the letter ‘l’ without making ladybirds! We will see if we can find any ladybirds in our garden and then use our magnifying glasses to see if we can count how many spots they have on their backs. We will also do some lacing and make some lorries using shapes. A very busy week!

Week 5 w/c 17th May- Letter j
This week we thought we would focus on the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. We will plant beans to see if they are magic ones that will reach up to the sky! If not we will be able to watch our own amazing beans grow roots by planting them in clear plastic pots with tissue paper. We will make castles and there may be the odd giant to deal with too!!

Week 6 w/c 24th May- no letter
Our last week of Summer Term 1 and we hope that the warm sunny weather has begun by now! We will have messy play and collage a well as our water tray where we can fill and empty containers to see which holds the most water.


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