Overview of Spring Term 1 2020



Covid still continues to impact on the way we stay safe at Pre-school so we will continue to be outside as much as we possibly can. Lots of our activities change around depending on the weather so this overview is probably subject to change. The children are loving being outside playing with the crates, tyres and planks and other outdoor equipment but now the weather is cold and often wet we are using our large room alongside the garden area. Unfortunately we are unable to set up role play areas with dressing up and the usual role play resources but our mud kitchens continue to be popular outside for making cakes and mud pies!!

Week 1 – w/c 4th January – letter i – Its ice and igloos this week as we look at the letter ‘i’ We will have ice in our tuff spot alongside animals that live in icy climates such as penguins and polar bears. It will be interesting to see what happens when the ice gets warm! We will be making icy pictures igloo pictures too! Our Green Bod children will be talking about what presents they may have had for Christmas and what exciting things they may have been up to

Week 2 w/c 11th January – letter n – We will be making bird nests and searching for numbers around the garden, room and in different media in our tuff spot. We will play games such as “What’s the time Mr. Wolf” and Sharks and Islands where we need to see how many people can fit on an island!

Week 3 w/c 18 January – letter m – Mice and the odd monster feature at Pre-school this week. We will use the letter m and add eyes, ears and noses to the shape to make some wonderful letter m mice! There will be lots of music as we get out our big box of musical instruments and sing along with our friends.

Week 4 w/c 1st February – letter d – We love dinosaurs so we will be playing with dinosaurs in compost in our tuff spot and making lots of different dinosaur pictures using collage, colouring, painting and playdo! There may even be a few ducks and dogs. Our Green Bods will be rolling a dice and sticking the corresponding number of spots onto a dinosaur picture to make dotty dinosaurs. If we have more than one turn we will need to count both sets to see how many we have altogether.

Week 5 w/c 8th February – letter g – We will be thinking about storytelling this week where we can act out the stories of Goldilocks and the Three Bears and maybe even the Gruffalo. We will need to think about how stories have a beginning, a middle and an end. To Support our play we will be making some masks and pictures of our favourite characters from the stories.

Week 6 w/c 8th February – letter o – We will be celebrating Chinese New Year with our own dragon dancing and dragon masks. We may even make some Chinese Lanterns too! As it is Valentines day on Saturday we will make Valentines Cards to take home to give to someone we love.


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