Understanding the World

Children love to chat about their families, friends, days out and parties!  This can be done spontaneously during free play or during our regular circle times or registrations.  Parents are invited in to talk about their special family celebrations or customs.  We have supportive parents who will come in to talk about their occupations such as nurse, hairdresser, police officer and even the odd firefighter usually with a fire engine too!    Our role play area is well stocked with different occupational dressing up alongside the obligatory princess and pirates!

We encourage children to learn about their environment, planting bulbs and plants for our garden and keeping them well watered.  Bug hunting is always an exciting game outside and we have a brilliant outside book with lots of pictures of the kinds of bugs we may find.   Every year we watch frogspawn develop into frogs and caterpillars turn into beautiful butterflies.

All of our teachers have Samsung tablets which enable children to take pictures of what they have found or even selfies with their friends.  We have technological toys such as remote controlled cars, and programmable B.Bots alongside everyday equipment like push and pull toys, kitchen equipment and keyboards.

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