Children are supported in developing their gross and fine motor skills through a range large and small play equipment such as construction and small world toys, bikes and balance beams.   Equipment is changed frequently so children learn to move in different ways as well as develop co-ordination and control.   Free flow access is always available to our safe and stimulating outdoor area whatever the weather!    Adult led activities give children the opportunity to move with a purpose, using twirlers, dance and fun games.

Our writing table is stocked with children’s scissors and a variety of mark making equipment that children can access independently.  Adults help support children in holding pencils and scissors correctly and with control.  We understand the importance of encouraging self help skills such as putting on coats, shoes or dressing up ready for school.  When required we work with parents to help them potty train children and develop independence in toileting and hand washing.

A snack table providing a choice of fruit or raw vegetables, together with milk or water, is freely available to children during each session.

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