Maths is everywhere in our setting!  From number lines, displays, counting songs and rhymes to ‘Whats the time Mr. Wolf’ in the garden!   Adults supporting play encourage children to use number language spontaneously and ask ‘how many?’, ‘how high?’ questions when building or modelling.  Children are encouraged to problem solve for themselves e.g. ‘are there enough chairs for everyone? and if not how can we solve this?’    Number rhymes are always a huge hit during rhyme time where we count how many little ducks came back or how many currant buns are left in the shop!   Children are encouraged to mark make during games of skittles to record their score and use egg timers to see when it is their time to go on the bikes.

Large and small construction activities and box modelling help children learn to fit things together and problem solve if things fall down or will not fit however they try!  Rather than finding things for a child adults may ask if they can spot what they are looking for on, behind or under something allowing the child to develop understanding of positional language.  Sand and water play help with understanding of weight and capacity.  We cook at least once each half term where we need to weigh and measure ingredients.  Cooking overlaps with all of the EYFS curriculum helping children understand how things can be combined, how they change when cooked or frozen and how some things are healthy to eat or should only be a treat!

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