Arts and Design

Not many children refuse the chance to get messy!  We love paint, playdo, porridge and baked beans so be warned!  It is a great way to learn to describe texture and see how things change by adding water, paint or other media to the mix.  Role play is available at every session both indoors and outdoors where children can play alongside or with others often building storyline and narrative into their play.  Our indoor role play may be a standard home corner with kitchen and dolls or it could be a train station, dinosaur den or giants castle!  Outside our mud kitchens are always a huge hit where children can mix sand and water together to make cakes or other concoctions for their friends or family.

Adult led creative activities are on offer most days from collage at our writing table to masks, dinosaurs or parrots.  Our toy trolley gives children the chance to find an activity they would like to play with as well as small world and construction toys being freely available on the mats.

Never to be missed are are Green Bod Nativity and end of year play where parents and carers (and the staff) are strongly recommended to bring the tissues!

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