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AUTUMN TERM 1 – 2020

AUTUMN TERM 1 –  3rd September to 23rd October 2020

Another strange half term for us all due to the continuing Covid 19 restrictions.  Despite this we have all had lots of fun in our outside area despite the unpredictable weather!   The children have been engaging in some lovely imaginative play using all of the natural resources in our outdoor environment. Leaves have become lunch, sticks become magic wands and conkers have been collected in buckets and bowls to make cakes and potions!   We have put on our waterproof ponchos and run around in the rain and listened to the sounds it makes on the roof of our marquee.  As well as all of this we have been working on the colours Red, Blue, Green, Yellow and Black/ White and then exploring what happens when we mix them all together!!  Our Green Bods have been practicing their pencil control by drawing self portraits and scrimbling, using numbers by playing a game of skittles and some fun maths games, learning about the world and their environment and beginning to be introduced to the phonic sounds of s,a,t.   Take a look at what we have been doing below!







JULY 2020

Another academic year has passed and it has been a very strange one!  We have enjoyed working with all of the lovely children who come to our setting and will miss them lots.  We feel very sad that we have not been able to say a proper goodbye to our wonderful parents who support us so brilliantly. 

Our usual leavers play, end of year trip, family funday and end of term family picnic all had to be cancelled due to Covid 19 but we still managed to have a fun half term.

We look forward to seeing our Orange Bod children who are returning to us in September, many of whom will be Green Bods.
On behalf of all of the staff we would like to thank our parents for their gifts, cards and for the gift cards which we will use for a slap up meal!!
Have a wonderful Summer –  Lesley, Cathy, Rachael, Louise, Tracey L, Emma, Tracey M, Krista and Debbie

Weeks 29th June to 16th July  Our last few weeks have been full of fun even though we have not been able to do the things we normally end our year with.  We got out our climbing frame and practised our balancing and climbing skills, learning about how our bodies will move and fit into different spaces!  We had lots of lovely water play where we lots of marks using water and watched to see how it dried in the sun.  We even did a spot of paddling in our tuff spot!  Our Green bods made family trees and did some number matching using buses.  They had to carefully match the right number bus to its correct garage.  They were very good at it too!!!  Our year ended with a picnic.   Unfortunately we were not able to invite all of our parents to attend this year but we still had lots of fun and games and some scrummy sandwiches and cakes too.  The children even made some fantastic signs to put up around our marquee.



Weeks 6th to  27th June.  We have been having great fun and making the most of our lovely grassed area even in the rain!!!!  If its raining it is still  exciting to hide in the marquee and listen to the rain or put on our waterproof ponchos and run around exploring the feel on our hands.  We can still hide in the Pre-school garden or outside if we dont like getting wet!   When the sun shines there are lots of things to do like planting flowers and tomato plants which need lots of looking after, or enjoying the activities on offer.  We have decorated our marquee with some beautiful pictures too! 


Pre-school is Back!!!!   Week commencing 1st June –   Things may look a little different but we are really pleased to be back at Pre-school.  We have been able to extend our outdoor area enabling us to use the lovely grassed area next to our garden.  We have purchased a marquee which gives us another room which the children love!  Everyone has settled back brilliantly and we are having lots of fun even though the sun has decided to go in!!!

Spring Term – 2020

Unfortunately this is where we will have to sign off for a while.  In accordance with Government guidance we have had to shut Pre-school due to the Covid 19 virus.  We hope to see you all again very soon.  

Week commencing 16th March – letter r –  We were busy making our Mothers Day cards this week for us to take home to give to someone we love.  


Week commencing 9th March – letter e –  St. Patricks Day – Its Elmer the Elephant and eggs this week  as we look at the letter ‘e’.  We decorated Elmer the elephant pictures and filled egg boxes and envelopes with egg-citing things!  We celebrated St. Patricks Day on 17th March by decorating shamrocks and talked about why the day is important to people who live in Ireland.  Our Green Bods  explored eggs by dropping raw and cooked eggs into a frying pan and looking at the different parts of the egg.  We were able to put our hands into the pan and feel the different textures of the shell and eggs!



Week commencing 2nd March – letters c & k –  We merge two letters together this week as, although they look very different they sound the same!  This week was our annual Charity Cake Bake and this year we chose Guide Dogs for the Blind so we could thank the lovely dog and her handler who came to visit us at Pre-school last term.  We washed our hands, put on aprons and made lots of lovely cakes to sell.  A big thank you to everyone who supported us both by buying cakes and donating ones for us to sell.  We will be passing on the money to the charity as soon as we have counted it all!   



Week commencing 24th February – letter o –A busy week this week as we celebrated Shrove Tuesday and St. Davids Day.  We made some delicious pancakes to eat at our snack table on Tuesday with different toppings to try.  They were a great success!  We made ostriches and octopus and even managed to fit in some messy play too!   On Friday we talked about why St. Davids Day is important to people who are Welsh and coloured in some beautiful daffodil pictures.  Our Green Bods used their number recognition skills to sequence numbered legs onto an Octopus.  They were really good at it!


SPRING TERM 1 – 2020

Week commencing 10th February – letter g –Our role play was transformed into the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears this week where we could re-tell the story in our own unique way using big, medium and small bears, bowls, chairs and beds.   As it was Valentines Day on Friday we made some lovely sparkly cards to take home to give to someone we love.  We even managed to fit in some goldfish painting and a spot of golf ball rolling where we were able to make some lovely patterns.  Our Green Bods played a board game called Snail Race where they needed to wait for their turn and follow the rules of the game.



Week commencing 3rd February – letter d  –  We had a week of dinosaurs as we thought about the letter ‘d’.   We made some dinosaurs using the letter ‘d’ and made a dinosaur land in our tuff spot too.  Our paper plate ducks looked brilliant and we were able to use them to sing the song 5 little ducks went swimming one day.  We were really lucky that one of our wonderful Dad’s brought in a guide dog for a visit.  He talked to us about how the dogs are able to help people with vision impairment move around safely.  Our Green Bods rolled a dice and stuck on the same number of spots onto a dinosaur picture to make dotty dinosaurs.  We had 2 goes each and then carefully counted all of the spots to see how many there were in total. 



Week commencing 27th January  – letter m –  We made marvellous multicoloured muffins and letter ‘m’ mice as we looked at the letter ‘m’ at Pre-school this week.  Our role play area was transformed into a hospital where we had lots of patients to look after, administering first aid and the odd bit of bandaging too!   We had to write prescriptions and remember to write up our notes.   There were monsters made out of shapes and lots and lots of music!    In our Green Bod groups we had to roll a dice, count the spots and see if we could match it to the correct number.  Everyone was really good too!



Week commencing  20th January – letter n – CHINESE NEW YEAR (year of the Rat) We explored the letter ‘n’ by making some nests for birds to keep them cosy and warm in this cold wet weather!  We used our noses to explore different smells in our tuff spot.  There were sented candles, herbs and spices and different types of fruit with some lovely (and not so lovely) smells!   We made some brilliant dragon masks for Chinese New Year and helped to celebrate the occasion with some super dancing.   Our Green Bod children used their cutting skills to make some wonderful Chinese Lanterns and decorated them with beautiful patterns. 



Week commencing  13th January – letter i –  We had lots of lovely wintery activities this week as we looked at the letter ‘i’  We had an arctic tuff spot with penguins, polar bears, igloos and lots of different sized ice blocks.  We were able to see which sized ice block melted first and what happened to the ice!!  Our Green Bod children will played a game of skittles where they recorded their scores on charts to find out who knocked down the most amount of skittles and who knocked down the fewest.



Week commencing   Tuesday 7th January   We started the new year by keeping things simple.  We had our home corner where there were dolls to look after, cooking to be organised and shopping to be done.    We had playdo, collage and some lovely gooey shaving foam too!  Our Green Bod children will be having a circle time where they will be sharing their news about what they have been doing over their Christmas break and any presents Father Christmas may have brought them!

AUTUMN TERM 2 – 2019

Week commencing 16th December – There was lots to do this week!  Our Green Bod children performed their Nativity play this week to a full house!  They did absolutely brilliantly and we were very proud of them all.  There was lots of glue, glitter, tinsel and sparkly paper around for our craft table and we had some lovely chats with the children about what Santa may be bringing them for Christmas.  We finished off our week with our Christmas Party and a good time was had by all.  Santa even managed to squeeze in a visit too!    We wish everyone a very happy Christmas and a happy New Year too!  



Week commencing 9th December 2019 –  A really busy week this week as we began to practice for our Nativity Play, went off on our Post Box walk and made our Christmas Cards!!.   The children write their names into individual Christmas cards so that we can go to the local post box and post them.  We were lucky enough to see the post person on her rounds and she gave us a wave.  It will be fun seeing how long it takes for them to drop through our letterboxes.  The role play area has been transformed into Santa’s grotto where we can talk to our friends about what they might like for Christmas and look at Christmas Books.  There is even a little wrapping up to do for Santa too!!  Our Christmas cards look wonderful and each one is unique we are sure you will love them as much as we do!  



Week commencing 2nd December 2019 – Christmas has arrived at Pre-school!  We put up our Christmas Tree and began our Advent calendar and even started to sing a few Christmas songs!   Our Green Bod Children wrote letters to Santa this week.  We needed to think about what we would like Santa to bring us, as long as his elves have time to make it!   We asked for some lovely things including Elsa dresses, teddies, owls, bicycles and chocolate coins!  We drew some fantastic pictures and made a lovely display in our entrance area.


Week commencing 25th November 2019 – Letter of the week is ‘p’ – We looked at the letter ‘p’ by making penguins and playing with pasta this week.  Our role play area became a shop where we could fill our baskets with lots of goodies, remembering to pay the right money before we took it all away.  We needed to make lists of the things we needed too!  We began decorating our Christmas cakes this week ready to take home.  We needed to cut out the icing and carefully decorate the tops, adding a dash of glitter as a final touch.  We are sure you will agree they look beautiful and very tasty!



Week commencing 18th November 2019 – Letter of the week is ‘t’ – It has been trains, tickets and timetables this week as we converted our role play area into a train station!  We needed to sell tickets to our friends, check timetables and collect the right money for the trip.  We also managed to fit in making some terrific tigers and turtles too!    We have been writing Christmas cards ready for our post box walk and Christmas tags to put onto our Christmas cakes – it has been a very busy week


Week commencing 11th November 2019 -Letter of the week is ‘a’ – This week we have been busy making our mini Christmas cakes.  We make these every year and the money we raise is put towards our end of year trip!  We had lots of fun chopping, mixing and smelling all of the lovely ingredients.  We needed to make sure we followed the recipe and were able to see how the mixture changed as we added all of the lovely tasty ingredients together.  When we baked them Pre-school was filled with the lovely smell of Christmas cake – yummy!   We made poppies for remembrance day where we remembered all of the brave people who have helped to make our world a safer place.  



Week commencing 4th November 2019 -Letter of the week is ‘s’ –  We began our new term with the letter ‘s’ where we explored all thing shiny and sparkly. This linked well with bonfire night and we talked about the colours and patterns we had seen in the night sky and the sounds we could hear too!  We made shiny rockets, snails with spiral shells and springy spiders where we needed to carefully count out legs it needed.   Our Green Bods had a circle time where we talked about the things we may have done over the half term holiday.  It seems we had been to lots of  Halloween parties and eaten lots of treats!!!


AUTUMN TERM 2 – 2019

Week commencing 14th October 2019 – We all got lovely and messy this week as we mixed up primary colours to see what happened!  We made colour monsters and used our pippets to squeeze different colours into shaving foam and them mix it all up!  It was great fun trying to guess what colour we would make and a fantastic way to use our gross and fine motor skills to mark make in the gloop!   Our Green Bods practised their scissor control this week by cutting out a folded triangle and finding out we had made a kite shape.   They were all brilliant and decorated their shapes beautifully.



Week commencing 7th October 2019 – We made some delicious yellow banana muffins this week as we looked at the colour YELLOW!  We had to mix and mash all the ingredients together and then baked them ready to take home.  We explored slimy flubber watching as it changed and oozed around our tuff spot.  We were able to compare it to the sand in our mud kitchens outside when we mixed it with lots of water and noticed that the mixture did not feel the same or move like the flubber!  We also made some lovely yellow paper plate chicks using different shapes.  Our Green Bods played a game of skittles.  We threw a bean bag and had to count how many were still standing and how many we had knocked down.   There was some super counting!



Week commencing 30th September 2019 – It has been all things GREEN  this week at Pre-school.  We have enjoyed doing a spot of green collage using lots of different textures and lots of glue!  At storytime we listened to the story of the Very Hungry Caterpillar and then used circles to make our own wiggly caterpillars remembering to put on lots of legs!  We also used our fine motor skills to carefully drip paint into blobs of shaving foam and then used our gross motor to mix it all up together.  it was great fun exploring the feel of the shaving foam and noticing the patterns as the paint moved around in the foam.  In the  Knowledge and Understanding group we made colourful rainbows which looked beautiful.   In our Green Bod small groups we played a parachute game where we had to work together to move the parachute up or down, side to side and quickly and slowly.  Everyone was really good at it!



Week commencing 23rd September 2019 – We have had great fun exploring the colour BLUE this week.  The weather has been awful so we have had lots of water to play both in our water tray as well as that falling in great quantities from the sky!!  We played with dinosaurs in blue paint where we could explore the feel of the paint and make lots of different sized footprints too. We had lots of fun filling and emptying containers discovering which held more, less or even the same amounts of water even when they did not look the same!  We also fitted in some lovely blue collage as well as finding blue objects around our setting.  Our Green Bod children worked in their small groups to draw self-portraits.  We had to try to hold our pencil correctly to draw an anti-clockwise circle for our faces.  Once we had done that we had to carefully add our eyes, nose and mouth thinking about where they needed to be and what colour we needed.  We were able to use a mirror to check how we were doing.  We are sure you will agree they look brilliant!




Week commencing 16th September 2019 – It has been all things RED At Pre-school this week as we begin looking at primary colours.  We made some fantastic red rockets to woosh up into the sky and explored red paint by using red duplo blocks to make marks and patterns on paper.  We had great fun drumming with our red rhythm sticks on the top of our red sand tray!    In their small groups our Green Bods have been talking about our rules of ‘Be Kind’, ‘Be Safe’, and ‘Be Careful’ and what they mean.



Week commencing 4th and 9th September 2019 – We have had a busy couple of weeks as we settle back into Pre-school after the long summer break and welcome new children starting with us this year.  Our role play kitchen has been really busy with cooking and tea making as well as babies to look after!   There have been some fun activities to explore such as playdo, cornstarch gloop, pasta and some hungry dinosaurs in the tuff spot!!!  We have been learning the names of our friends and those of the staff by playing fun turn taking games as well as exploring the setting and learning routines.   Our Green Bods have been introduced to the friends they will be with in their small group activities.

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