This week at Pre-school

Spring Term 1 2022

Week 7 – week commencing 14th February –  As it was Valentines day on Monday we began the week by making  some beautiful decorated hearts to take home to give to someone we love.  We decided not to have a letter of the week this week, instead focusing the week on numbers.  We talked about the difference between numbers and letters, hid number in the sand, printed with numbers and had number boats in the water tray.  We played lots of number games outdoors and even did some number collage!




Week 6 – week commencing 7th February – letter of the week is p – Another busy week at Pre-school this week as we looked at the letter p.  We had our giant scales in the garden and lots of potatoes to weigh and sort into different sizes.  We peeled potatoes, made potato people and even did some potato printing!  We made some colourful peacocks and some people on sticks.  A very busy week!



Week 5 – week commencing 31st January – letter of the week is b – Chinese New Year – We made some yummy banana muffins this week.  We had to mash the bananas and stir them into the other ingredients to make the mixture.  It filled Pre-school with delicious smells as they cooked and we were able to take the finished muffins home to eat!  The 3 bears made an appearance too.  We listened to the story of Goldilocks and the  bears and then used our teddies to help us to re-tell the story in our own unique ways!  We even managed to fit in some box modelling too!                                                                                                                                                                     We celebrated the Chinese New Year of the Tiger by making a brilliant colourful dragon and doing some dancing to Chinese music.  We had prawn crackers at our snack table and a fortune cookie and a calendar to take home. 



Week 4 – week commencing 24th January – letter of the week is h – We made some happy hands at Pre-school this week by drawing around out hands and then putting happy smiley faces on them!  We used our unique hands to thread pasta onto pipe cleaners and to fill and empty containers using too.  Our Green bods practiced their fine motor skills by carefully cutting around a square, sticking it onto a piece of paper and drawing a wonderful picture of their house!



Week 3 – week commencing 17th January – letter of the week is m –  It was all about ME this week as we thought about the letter m.  We made some fantastic self portraits using paper plates and sang lots of songs about me and my body.  We used the letter M to make some friendly mice, adding two eyes, one nose, two ears and one tail.  We are sure you agree they look fantastic! 



Week 2 – week commencing 10th January  – Letter of the week is n   – We made some cosy nests for birds this week at Pre-school.  We looked around at the trees in the garden to see if we could spot any old nests left from last year in the trees and watched some of the visiting birds to see if they were beginning to build new ones.  We had lots of sensory activities with different things to smell to see if we could identify what it was without using our eyes.  There was playdo and good old cornstarch gloop to explore.  Cornstarch is a great way to discuss scientific properties as it dies out and then when we add water it oozes and can be squashed into a ball.  Its good for mark making too!



Week 1 – week commencing Tuesday 4th January 2022 – Letter of the week is r   –  As covid restrictions begin to ease we are able to bring more equipment inside as well as in our Pre-school garden.  We set up a lovely home corner indoors and had our bikes, sand and climbing equipment in the garden.  We made robot pictures from different shapes.  It helped us think about what the shapes were called and how they could fit together – even how many we had used!   We talked about what Santa may have brought us for Christmas and drew some lovely pictures to say thank you to him so he can read them when he wakes up after all his hard work! 


Autumn Term 2 2021


Week 7  – w/c 13th December –   A really  busy week this week!  We finished off our Christmas cakes and at the same time made our fantastic Christmas Tree cards to take home to our families.  Our Green Bods performed the Nativity play and it was a huge success they all did brilliantly and we are very proud of them.  On Friday it was our Christmas Party and a great time was had by all.  A wonderful end the the year.  See you all in 2022!


Week 6  – w/c 6th December –   As we move further into December things are getting very sparkly with lots of different Christmas activities.  We had a Santa’s Grotto homecorner where we could help Santa wrap up lots of different presents.  We needed to see if we had enough paper to wrap up the present and then carefully make it look beautiful ready to be delivered.  We also began decorating our yummy mini Christmas cakes ready to go home.  Our  Green Bods went off on a post box walk on Tuesday.  We had carefully made marks or written our names into Christmas Cards  then put them into envelopes with our addresses on.  We talked about what happens when you put a letter into the post box and how it might get delivered to our homes.  We had a lovely walk, looking for Christmas decorations in windows and singing lots of Christmas songs on our way.  Now to look for the postman!!!


Week 5  – w/c 29th November –  We are not doing any more letter of the week this half term so we can concentrate on our fun Christmas activities.   Firstly we had to celebrate St.Andrews Day with a spot of Scottish Dancing and some yummy shortbread at our snack table.  We talked about Advent and began our Christmas Countdown advent line.  Although it seems early we began listening to the Nativity Story as our Green Bods will soon be practicing for their Nativity Play.  The Christmas trees we put up and decorated beautifully with lots of lovely sparkly decorations!  We even had some snow this week too!




Week 4  – w/c 22nd  November – letter t – It was the letter t this week.  We made some amazing turtles with happy smiling faces and some lovely textured teddies.  We explored texture and touch using a variety of different resources.  We found nobbly twigs, smooth leaves and shiny pebbles around our garden.  We put porridge into our tuff spot and added some cars and other items.  It is a great way to introduce mark making while having fun with the porridge.  Our  Green Bods went off on a post box walk on Tuesday.  We had carefully made marks or written our names into Christmas Cards  then put them into envelopes with our addresses on.  We talked about what happens when you put a letter into the post box and how it might get delivered to our homes.  We had a lovely walk, looking for Christmas decorations in windows and singing lots of Christmas songs on our way.  Now to look for the postman!!!







Week 3  – w/c 15th November – letter j – We had lots of fun this week making some Jellyfish with lots of lovely long legs.  We were able to talk about the different colours and count how many legs we were adding.   The exiting news this week was that we were able to start making our mini Christmas cakes this year after a year off due to Covid.  We had to weigh, chop and mix all of the ingredients together.  We talked about the smell of the ingredients and looked at what happened when we added different wet or dry things to the mix.  The whole of Pre-school smelled delicious when they were in the oven cooking!!  We can let them cool down and rest for a week or two before we begin decorating them.  





Week 2 – w/c 8th November – letter of the week is ‘i’  – Although it was a little late we were lucky enough to have a visit from an educational workshop who brought in some fantastic resources to help us to celebrate the festival of Divali.  We all got dressed up and listened to the story of Rama and Sita.  There was  face painting , henna tatoos and music too!  Everyone had a fantastic time.            We even manged to fit in some ‘i’ activities by making some super igloos and working out how you can get some insects out of blocks of ice!  I wonder how you do that!!!




Week 1 – w/c 1st November – Letter of the week is ‘l’  – We started our new half term with the letter l which fits in well with bonfire night and how fireworks light up the night sky.  We talked about how our eyes help us see and used different coloured acetate sheets to see how it changed the colours our eyes see.   Using black paper glitter and paint we were able to make some colourful firework pictures too!   We brought in a pumpkin left over from Halloween to explore.  It was fun describing how it felt and counting how many seeds we could find!



Autumn Term 1 2021


Week 7 –  w/c 18th October –  This week we looked at all of the colours we had covered this half term and mixed them all up!  we made colourful snakes, creating repeated patterns with all of the different colours.  We used food dye in our pipettes to squirt onto white T shirts.  They looked fantastic as the colours all blended together to make a colourful pattern on the T shirts and we could even take them home!  Our colour monsters are always a great hit.   We used paintbrushes, toothbrushes or even our hands to mix the colours to make our pictures.  




Week 6 –  w/c 11th October – It was all things yellow at Pre-school this week.  We made some paper plate sunflowers and stuck on real sunflower seeds.  We talked about why sunflowers made seeds in the middle of their petals and what might happen if we planted one of the seeds in the spring!  We made some yellow ducks and added some yellow food colouring to our playdo too.  While we were having fun we were using our fingers to grip things and our hands to squeeze and mould the playdo.  All great skills for emergent writing!



Week 5 –  w/c 4th October – We explored the colour Green this week.  We made some fantastic peas in a pod.  We used our pencil skills to draw faces on the peas and carefully counted out how many peas we had been able to squeeze into the pod!  We made some froggy headbands and used these to be speckled frogs jumping from a speckled log into a lovely cool pool!  We managed to squeeze in some lovely messy painting, using cars to make patterns on paper. 



Week 4 –  w/c 27th September – It was the colour blue at Pre-school this week.  We made some lovely paper plate bluebirds where we could add the paint with paintbrushes or even explore the feel with our fingers.  We found lots of blue objects to put into our tuff spot from around the setting.  Lots of fun was had when we added blue food colouring to our water tray.  The children decided to fill plastic water bottles with the water and added a little glitter so they could shake them and watch how the water moved the glitter around! 



Weeks 3 week commencing 20th September – A leak in the guttering may be a problem for a grown up but its a great learning opportunity and lots of fun for a child! We got out the buckets and looked at how much water we could collect, compared amounts and even discovered water could be quiet heavy!
We have also begun looking at colours beginning with Red. We had red block painting, red collage and good old cornstarch gloop with red paint so we could get good and messy mixing it all together!


Weeks 1 & 2 – Weeks commencing 6th and 13th September – We have kept the first two weeks of our new academic year fairly simple to allow the children, both those who are returning and our new children, to settle in.  The weather has been fairly kind to us so we are continuing with outdoor learning as much as we can.  Our mud kitchens are always a hit and now autumn is upon us there are lots of interesting ingredients to add to the pots and pans!   We have been learning about our rules of Be Kind, Be Careful and Be Safe and talking about what these mean and why we need them.


Summer Term 2


Another academic year has passed.   We have enjoyed working with all of the lovely children who come to our setting and will miss them lots.  Our usual leavers play, end of year trip, family funday all had to be cancelled due to Covid 19 but we still managed to have a fun half term.  We did manage to have a (socially distanced) picnic this year which gave us the chance to say goodbye to our parents even if it was from 2m away!  

We look forward to seeing our Orange Bod children who are returning to us in September, many of whom will be Green Bods.
On behalf of all of the staff we would like to thank our parents for their gifts, cards and for the gift cards.

Have a wonderful Summer –  Lesley, Cathy, Rachael, Louise, Tracey L, Emma, Tracey M, Krista and Debbie




Weeks 5 and 6 – Weeks commencing 5th and 12th July – Our last two weeks of this academic year!  We made some fantastic sandy starfish where we had to carefully cover the shape with glue and sprinkle them with sand it was lots of fun.  As our library came to an end we began sorting out our bags with lots of lovely things we have done ready to take home.  Our Green Bods have been taking home Magic Key books where they have drawn pictures of their favourite characters.  There was also the  letter treasure hunt where we had to draw pictures of the things that we found!



Week 4- Week commencing 28th June – We gradually incorporated holidays and the beach into our theme of pirates this week.  We turned our tuff spot into a rockpool where we could think about the kinds of things we may find hiding in rockpools at the seaside.  We talked about where we might be going on holiday and how we might get there.  Was it a long way to travel or quite close by?  Could we walk, cycle or go by car or aeroplane?  Who would be going with us?  and more importantly what we might need to take with us!  We had time to practice our fine motor skills with some lacing using string and pipe cleaners.



Weeks 3 – week commencing 21st June.  As the children were still enjoying Pirates we continued the theme this week.  We added some water play and equipment for the children to explore how water can move (as well as other things like balls and cars!)  We had to dig in the sand for buried treasure and even made a few treasure maps too!


Weeks 1 & 2 – weeks commencing 7th and 14th June.  We started back for our last term with the theme of Pirates – Ahoy me Hearties!!  We made pirate hats, telescopes and even the odd parrot to help to extend our play.  We had lots of fun with our big green rowing boat in the garden sailing away to new and exciting places and we even had some scary sharks to contend with!   As it was Fathers day we were busy making our wonderful cards ready to take home to someone we love.  We are sure you love them as much as we do!


Summer Term 1

 Here are some of the things we have been up to in Summer Term 1


Weeks 1& 2  commencing 19th April and 26th April.  We settled back into the new half term by planting sunflowers for our grow the tallest sunflower competition and making flags for St. Georges Day.  As we moved onto the letter ‘b’ we made some wonderful buzzy bees to help pollenate all of those lovely flowers!  We decorated butterflies using lots of different techniques.  We did some glue and stick, colouring and made symmetrical patterns by folding the butterflies wings together.  


Weeks 3 week commencing 3rd May – It was the letter ‘f’ this week.  Rachael went to the supermarket and bought a real fish!!!  Everyone found it really interesting, exploring the feel of its skin and the tiny scales.  It gave the children a chance to see what fish look like and feel like up close. We made some beautiful flowers to decorate our marquee too.  The Green Bod children made their very own family trees.  They had to think about how many people lived in their house and then draw them carefully onto a leaf to stick onto the tree.  They even added the odd dog, pet and scooter!!



Week 4 week commencing 10th May – It was the letter ‘l’ this week. We made some wonderful spotty ladybirds this week to fit in with the letter ‘l’.  The children were really excited when we managed to find some real ladybirds in our garden.  They used  magnifying glasses to count the spots on their backs and how many legs they had.  We we even watched them open their wings and fly away home.  We also made some fantastic lorries using shapes and some tasty looking ice lollies!



Weeks 5 & 6  week commencing 17th May and 24th May – We focused on the letter ‘j by acting out the story of Jack and the Beanstalk.  We had great fun making our own beanstalk by painting paper leaves green and attaching them to our marque.  There were lots of race and chase games as we ran away from the big scary giant too!   We planted runner beans in plastic cups so we can watch the roots grow and then plant some at Pre-school and some in our own gardens at home so we can see if they grow as big as the one Jack grew.  




Spring Term 2 – 22nd February to 1st April 2021

 Here are some of the things we have been up to in Spring Term 2


Week 1 & 2 – Weeks commencing 22nd February and 1st March 2021 – We merged the letters c & k over these two weeks as although they look differently they have the same phonic sound.  We explored lots of crunchy things in our tuff spot and made some fantastic shakers where we could explore the different sounds they made.  We had fun with paint making some splatter pictures outside.  Rachael brought in some potatoes and we discovered they were dirty because they grow in the ground.  We had lots of un in our mud kitchens washing them.  


Week 3 – Week commencing 8th March – A busy week making our wonderful teapot Mothers Day cards this week ready to take home to give to someone we love.  We made colourful Elmer the Elephant pictures and listened to stories about Elmer too.  We explored eggs in our tuff spot outside. Some were cooked and some were raw and it was fun exploring the texture of the different types and the crunchy shells.  We had some lovely expressive language too – yukky, slimy, squidgy and smelly!!!! 




Week 4 – Week commencing 15th March – Letter ‘r’ – We made rainbows and played with lots of rainbow colours this week.  We drew pictures of our mummy and talked about what she looks like.  Is her hair long or short? are her eyes brown or blue? is she tall or short?  Our pictures were wonderful.  There was lots to do in our Pre-school garden as usual.  We try to mix things up so there is always something new and exciting to explore!




Week 5 and 6  – Week commencing 22nd and 29th March – Letter ‘h’ and Easter – We looked at the letter ‘h’  by making happy hands on sticks!  We draw around our hands, cut them out and colour them in before putting the picture onto a stick.  Our Green Bods had to carefully cut out a square and stick it onto a piece of paper.  They then added a roof, windows and a door to make a picture of a house!  We made some fabulous Easter crafts too.




Spring Term 1 – 2021


Spring Term 1 – 4th January to 8th February 2021

Covid still continues to impact on the way we stay safe at Pre-school but the children are loving being outside.  They are exploring the natural environment and finding new ways to use our open ended resources!  Here are some of the things we have been up to!


Week 1 – w/c 4th January – letter i – It was ice and igloos this week as we look at the letter ‘i’ .  To make things even more fun we even had some snow to fit into the theme!   We ran around and made footprints in our garden, exploring the patterns and looking at the different sizes of  footprints we had made.  We put ice in our tuff spot alongside animals that live in icy climates such as penguins and polar bear and added a few interesting insects into some of them.  We explored what happened when the ice began to melt. We even had time to make some igloo pictures too!   


Week 2 w/c 11th January – letter n – We made snowmen pictures this week as we had more snow over the weekend and many of us had made snowmen in our gardens!  We made some cosy nests for baby birds and talked about how, with Spring coming, the birds would begin making nests in our trees.  We talked about numbers and how they are different from letters and played with different numbers and quantities in our tuff spot too.


Week 3 w/c 18 January – letter m – We explored the letter m this week, making mice using the letter m.  We used cereal in our tuff spot with different small world items where we could make patterns and see if we were able to form the letter ‘m’ 


Week 4 w/c 1st February – letter d – We love dinosaurs so we dont always have to wait for the letter d but it helps us think about the phonic sound of d.  We introduced dinosaurs to snow as well as some of the other things we found lying round our garden. . Our Green Bods had an adult led activity, throwing a dice and sticking the corresponding number of spots onto a dinosaur picture to make dotty dinosaurs. We had to carefully keep checking to make sure we had the right amount.  We had more snow over the weekend and this time it was enough to make a snowman!  We had sledges so we could pull each other around the garden and had great fun exploring shadows on the snowy ground.


Week 5 w/c 8th February – letter g –We followed the lead of the children this week and looked at the story of the 3 Billy Goats Gruff.  We built a bridge for the goats to cross over the river safely and put some interesting things into the tuff spot for the goats to hide in!!  As it was still very cold we were able to explore the icy conditions outside, making a skating rink for some of our happyland people and then having fun smashing up the ice into lots of different sized pieces.  We also made gruffalo masks and shiny goldfish too!!   A very busy week at Pre-school


Week 6 w/c 8th February – letter o – We celebrated Chinese New Year by pretending to be dragons and dancing around Pre-school.  Our Green Bods made Chinese Lanterns in their adult led activity.  We thought about the letter o by making Olly the Octopus Pictures, sticking cheerios onto his legs and even counting how many we thought we had stuck on!  


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