Overview of Spring Term 1 2020

Overview Spring Term 1 2020

Theme:  Winter

Week 1 – w/c Tuesday 7th January No letter of the week – We settle back into Pre-school for the New Year with a familiar home corner where there will be dolls to look after, cooking to be organised and shopping to be done.  We will have  bikes in the garden and games to play where we can run around and keep ourselves warm.  There will be some lovely messy activities such as shaving foam and cornstarch alongside collage and drawing.  Our Green Bod children will be having a circle time where they will be sharing their news about what they have been doing over their Christmas break and any presents Father Christmas may have brought them!


Week 2 – w/c 13th January – letter i – Its ice and igloos this week as we look at the letter ‘i’   We will have ice in our tuff spot alongside animals that live in icy climates such as penguins and polar bears.  It will be interesting to see what happens when the ice gets warm!  We will be making icy pictures and polar bear plates too!  Our role play area will be transformed into an Ice Palace with icicles and snowflakes.   Our Green Bod children will be playing a game of skittles where they will be recording their scores on charts to see who has knocked down the most amount of skittles and who has knocked down the fewest.


Week 3  w/c 20st January – letter n – CHINESE NEW YEAR (year of the Rat) We will be using our noses this week to explore different types of smells.  We will be making bird nests and searching for numbers around the room and in our sand pit.  We will be celebrating Chinese New Year with our own dragon dancing and dragon masks.   Our Green Bod children will be making Chinese Lanterns by carefully cutting along lines on folded paper then opening it out see what we have made!


Week 4  w/c 27th January  – letter m –  Mice, marbles and muffins feature at Pre-school this week.   Our role play area will be transformed into a hospital where we can look after the dolls, staff or even our friends!  We will be making mice using different shapes and we may even make some mice headbands as well!  There will be lots of music as we get out our big box of musical instruments and sing along with our friends.  All of the children will be making some yummy multi coloured muffins to take home to eat.   The Green bods will be rolling a dice and matching it to the correct number.


Week 5  w/c 3rd February – letter d  –  We love dinosaurs so we will be making lots of different dinosaurs this week using collage, colouring, painting and playdo!   There may even be a few ducks and dogs.  We are hoping that this week one of our lovely parents may be able to bring in a Guide Dog for a visit too!  Our Green Bods will be rolling a dice and sticking the corresponding  number of spots onto a dinosaur picture to make dotty dinosaurs.  If we have more than one turn we will need to count both sets to see how many we have altogether.


Week 6  w/c 10th February – letter g – We will be focusing on the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears this week where we can learn how stories have a beginning, a middle and an end.  We will have a Three Bears role play with a big, medium and little teddy alongside their beds, bowls and spoons!   As its Valentines Day on Friday we will be making some lovely cards to take home to give to someone we love.  Our Green Bods will be playing a board game where they will need to wait for their turn and follow the rules of the game.